Pumpkin Baru Mendiants

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Pumpkin Baru Mendiants
Pumpkin Baru Mendiants

70% rich, dark chocolate mendiants. Perfect as a pick-me-up snack, purse or car treat, or as a gift for loved ones.

This is decadence at its best.

Includes 375 million vegan probiotics per package!

6 mendiants per 45g bag.


  • 70% Cacao: High in magnesium
  • Pumpkin Seeds: High in antioxidants, magnesium
  • Baru Seeds: Rich in fibre, magnesium, antioxidants
  • Maca: Boosts endurance
  • Bacillus Coagulans: Vegan probiotic


Premium Dark Chocolate* (Cacao Solids*, Cacao Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Vanilla Extract*), Pumpkin Seeds*, Baru Seeds*, Maca*, Bacillus Coagulans (vegan probiotic).
*Organic Ingredients



We strive to make each product consistently. As we are a small batch company, hand making each and every product, there may be some variation in size, shape, and colour from product to product. This makes each piece of chocolate special!

Pumpkin Baru Mendiants
Pumpkin Baru Mendiants

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